1. This quiz is made to help you decide which edge control kit you should get, you can go view our products & choose a different one if you don't like the kit that was suggested.

2. If you do take the quiz and decide to order the kit that was recommended for you. You will receive the products included in that kit along with a scarf, scrunchie & edge brush that matches the colors you indicated as your favorite. You will also receive dramatic or simple clips based on what you chose.

      We will do our best to design a kit you will love & cherish. Plus if you decide that you'd like to purchase from us again, you will receive a special coupon offer on your thank you card. Each of our kits are made with love  💕

3. If you don't decide to purchase the kit that was recommended for you in the quiz, but you already took the quiz anyways. We will still see your quiz results and customize the colors and hair clips based on your quiz answers. Just make sure to use the same email at checkout that you put into the quiz.

3. Lastly, if you choose not to take the quiz, but buy one of our kits, we will reach out to ask you how you'd like to customize it. If you don't respond within 48 hours, we will customize your kit colors and clips for you and send the kit.

I hope you have a great experience on our website & remember, each kit is made with love  💕

 Update: We only have the colors Green, Red, Black & Yellow for our kits as of right now, so keep that in mind when shopping!

If not, our Strong Hold Edge control, and Medium Hold Edge Control are available to purchase individually, just go back to the home page, and check out shop in the menu tab to see all of our products😊

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