Getting Your First Wig

Choosing the Wig

1. When you're first getting your wig, you're going to have to decide whether you want a frontal or a closure. 

-Stylists suggest that you get a closure when you're just getting started, they're smaller than frontals in width. Plus they're easier to maintain.

- However, frontals do have more parting space, and look closer to a human hairline than closures. Stylist are now offering closures that look like frontals, but that option can be expensive

Buying the Wig

2. When trying to find the right wig, there are so many websites that you can choose from. However, you have to find a quality hair vendor.

- You also have to pay attention to how fast the wig will arrive. It's best to order the wig a few weeks ahead of time.

- I'll provide a link in bio of places that I've found quality and affordable wigs. If you have a website in mind, but you're not sure, you should search up reviews of that site on YouTube.


Installing the Wig

3. Finding a good and affordable hairstylist can sometimes be the hardest part. You might decide to even try to install it yourself.

- One of the best way to find stylists in your area is to use hashtags on Instagram. For example, if I'm trying to find a stylist in New York, I'd search up #hairstylistnyc, #wigsnyc or #harlemhairstylist.

- Sometimes the best stylists are the ones with small followings. Make sure to find out when their bookings open so that you can book them before their slots are gone!

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